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Wildflower Committee Application

Wildflower is organized and run by the following committees.

Aid StationsGet ready to hang out with water coolers, Electrolyte and enough Energy Bar’s to last your entire college career! As a member of the Aid Stations Committee, you’ll manage the (8-10) bike and (11-14) run aid stations along the course. You will be responsible for knowing the aid stations locations like the back of your hand, managing the supplies distributed to each station, and how to organize and inform the volunteers that will be working there. Additional lake visits may be required to learn all the different aid station locations. Know what a case of Gatorade concentrate weighs? You will by the end, and you will have the guns to prove it!
CourseAs a member of the Course Committee you get to set up and manage all four bike and run courses. You will learn the courses, so you can plan out and drop equipment where it's needed. During the race volunteer course marshals will help your committee because you can't be everywhere at once, so as a committee member you will also be responsible for directing and training the course volunteers! Additional lake visits may be necessary to learn the courses, set up course signage, and paint course markings. Without you, how would the racers know where to go? The athletes appreciate a well-marked and well-managed course because in the end they come to Wildflower to race - you are the ones that make it happen for them! You get to be part of something exciting – we are adding a 5K, 10K and trail run this year!
FestivalLove people? This is for you! This is a great view of all the other awesome things that Wildflower has to offer. Often times, you are the first stop for spectators, athletes, and volunteers with questions. You will be required to know your stuff, but don't worry; there will be lots of opportunities to learn so, so much about Wildflower. You will also work directly with elite athletes, check in over 75 vendors, and welcome VIPs. Along with the vendors you will work closely with the Expo Director, Merchandise Team, and Hospitality Committee. This is what makes Wildflower truly a festival!
Front GateMake your mark on Wildflower and help our guests start the weekend off right. The front gate team is truly the first impression, so you must be welcoming, full of energy and love people. Responsibilities include directing vehicles based on the type of pass that has been purchased, validating the pass, and directing drivers into the park. Front Gate Committee members should be levelheaded and fair yet personable with a wicked sense of humor to counter the frustration of drivers (think of sitting in a traffic jam and then showing up to a new place with no street signs, yep, you're important).
HospitalityCalling all cooks! As a member of the Hospitality Committee you will work with a team to prepare and present meals for the Wildflower Committees and VIPs (Sponsors, Elites athletes, Media, etc.). To do this you will learn and practice the race weekend menu during visits to the lake. Besides preparing meals, you will be responsible for the overall presentation (little but important details) of the meals and will coordinate meals to help accommodate the various schedules of committees. It does get a little hot in the kitchen sometimes, so you must be able to handle stressful situations and work well with a team. In the past, the Hospitality Committee has always used been a rambunctious group that worked hard but also sang and danced around the kitchen - how are your moves?
Kid ZoneAre you a child trapped in a college student's body? The Kid Zone Committee is for those that are creative, patient, and enjoy children, but also kind of think like one. As a member of the Kid Zone Committee you are responsible to create and lead interesting and exciting activities that will promote and inform children about living a healthy lifestyle. To do this, you will need to come up with activities that are interesting and informative, collect supplies with the help of the Cal Poly Committee, and be able to work with children to engage their minds and bodies.
Packet Pick UpCheck you out while you check them in! As a member of the Packet Pick Up Committee you will work to ensure all athletes get checked in and receive their race packets with a smile. You will be responsible for general Wildflower information so you are ready to answer questions from athletes as they pick up their race packet. You will learn the Eternal Timing check-in process and how to troubleshoot registration problems.
Start/FinishBe there for the beginning and the end! As a member of the Start/Finish Committee you will manage both wave starts and the finishing area for athletes. To do this you will be responsible for learning how wave starts work, what all the different body markings mean, and how to make a balloon arch. You must have the ability to calmly deal with spectators and nervous athletes. You will also be in charge of setting up and taking down sponsor banners and the large inflatable arch in the start and finish areas. You will work very closely with Transitions and the Swim Committees to accomplish all of your pre-event and event tasks. Nerves at the start and tears at the finish are hard to beat - they are my personal favorite though my opinion doesn't always carry much clout so find out for yourself!
SwimGet a front row seat for the first leg of the race! As a member of the Swim Committee you will manage the swim courses and keep the athletes safe while in the water. You will learn the swim courses, recruit certified lifeguards to volunteer, and strategically position the volunteers so they can effectively assist athletes. Also you will be working closely with the Start/Finish and Transitions Committees to help them get some of their event tasks completed. Previous lifeguard experience is a plus but most of all, you can't be afraid to get a little wet! You get to part of something exciting this year with the inaugural SUP races on Saturday and Sunday – the water will be one big day of fun this year.
TransitionsAfter watching racers "transition" from a wetsuit and goggles to bike shorts and a helmet you'll see why they call it a triathlon! As a member of the Transitions Committee you will be responsible for the set up and management of the transitions area. You will learn the flow of athletes (by learning all the key locations and intersections), how to identify and properly call in official and unofficial last athletes, and how to properly body mark athletes. You will also solicit help from the Start/Finish and Swim committees to get the Transitions area set up and looking good.
TransportationNo event is possible without consideration on how to transport people to and from all the places within the park! As a member of the Transitions Committee you will be responsible for working with the bus shuttle team, the boat shuttles and the van shuttles. You will coordinate driver shifts, meals and make sure every vehicle that is moving people around the park is one big party of fun.
Volunteer CampingLead and they will follow. As a member of the Volunteer Camping Committee you will be responsible for the volunteers' well being during the event weekend. Wildflower volunteers are notorious for working hard and then playing harder. It is suggested that you can handle situations coolly and calmly - getting a couple hundred-college students together always warrants shenanigans. Your responsibilities will include performing and directing car searches, organizing constructive activities for their evenings, and getting volunteers up on the right side of the bed and off to their volunteer position. You will also make sure the area is race ready each morning by clearing out the course of any nighttime shenanigan ruminants.
Volunteer FoodOrder Up! As a member of the Volunteer Food Committee you are responsible for volunteers meals. To feed the masses you will work with the Event staff to ensure you have enough food and supplies to feed the volunteers’ event weekend. Wildflower would not be possible without the help of hundreds of volunteers and hungry volunteers are hopeless. You feed the machine. Yes, it's a lot of PB&J but you won't be disappointed with the stories and jokes told over the PB&J assembly line!
Volunteer ManagementAre you outgoing and enjoy interacting with your peers? C'mon down! As a member of the Volunteer Management Committee you will be in charge of recruiting and managing volunteers. To do this you will need to communicate with Volunteer Group Representatives and answer all of their questions. Closer to the event, you will distribute the volunteer groups to different committees based on their needs and make sure the volunteers get to where they need to go during their volunteer shifts. Management skills and knowledge of computers is a plus. We are also looking for committee with good PR skills to spread the word of Wildflower to the campus.

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